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Telecommunication Development in Xisha Islands

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Mobile telecommunication service is available in Xisha Islands. There are 6 base stations located in various islands in Xisha Islands. Fishermen, visitors have convenient access to mobile telecommunication services in the Xisha Islands and adjacent waters.


Telephone services through satelites was first established on Yongxing Dao in late 1990s. IC Card Public Telephone was first installed in 1998 and enabled direct telephone communication from Yongxing Dao to inland and overseas.


Yongxing Dao (Woody Island) first had its mobile coverage in April 2003, by China Mobile Hainan Branch. Subsequently, base stations have been built on Shanhu Dao, Cenghang Dao in December 2007. Zhongjian Dao (6 January 2008), Jinyin Dao (7 January 2008) and Dong Dao (9 January 2008).


Internet service is also availabe in Xisha Islands since 2004.

There are also China Mobile and China Telecom shops in Yongxing Dao.


The telecommunication development in Xisha Islands also made other services like remote medical diagnosing and consulation through internet possible, improving life of people on these islands.


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